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Avocado Mattress Review

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic

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Avocado Mattress Overview

Avocado is an American company focusing on producing the most eco-friendly bedding and mattresses on the market. For their flagship Green Mattress, they use all organic wool, latex, and cotton to produce one of the most environmentally friendly hybrid-innerspring mattresses you can buy. This model does not contain any polyester, polyurethane foams, or toxic fire retardants. Additionally, the bed is constructed in Los Angeles, and all the materials and labor are sourced ethically.

The mattress itself is a hybrid-innerspring variety with some impressive technical specs. Boasting over 1,414 individually-tuned coils in three gauge levels, along with an advanced latex memory foam, the Green Mattress is exceptionally contouring and offers lots of support.

It is available in a standard 11-inch model, or with a luxury pillow top that brings the total height to 13 inches.

Avocado Mattress Logo
Avocado Mattress
Avocado Highlights
  • Natural Materials
  • No Polyurethane Foams or Toxic Chemicals
  • Made in USA

Avocado Highlights

  • Handcrafted in CA, USA
  • Extremely eco-friendly materials
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • 100% free of toxic chemicals
  • 25-year warranty
  • Free carbon neutral shipping to your home

Mattress Breakdown

If you are concerned about off-gassing fumes into your bedroom, the Avocado might be perfect for you. Although it is made from all organic materials, and free of the toxic chemicals used for flame retardation, there is a significant smell when the mattress decompresses after you let it out of the box. The good news is that the odor dissipates quickly enough that we consider it to be a non-issue.
With a 25-year warranty, it’s clear that Avocado stands behind the durability and quality of their product. Since the company has only been around since 2015, it’s a little bit difficult to verify if will stand the test of time. But given the extremely high-quality of materials used, and the precise and technologically-advanced construction of the product, we feel quite sure that this will last you about as long, if not longer, than most hybrid-innerspring mattresses on the market.
Hybrid-innerspring mattresses typically sleep cooler than their pure memory foam counterparts, and the Green Mattress is no different. Because of the space inside the mattress that the coils create, airflow increases, and sleepers are kept much cooler during the night. The Green Mattress is also constructed with a particularly breathable Dunlop latex, allowing more circulation between the warm air buildup within the mattress, and the cooler air outside. If you sleep hot, or prefer to sleep cooler, this mattress is an excellent option for you.
This comes in two different firmness varieties. Some couples might prefer the more firm feel of the standard model, while others may opt for the significantly more plush feel of the luxury pillow top option. Either way, the bed does provide a strong base of support that offers slightly more bounce than many standard innerspring bed-in-a-box mattresses.
The Green Mattress has a rather firm support system due to the 1414 individually-wrapped steel coils inside of it. While it comes with two different firmness options, it is generally on the lower end of the scale when it comes to body conformity. This mattress has much less cradling of the body than a memory foam bed, but slightly more cradling than many other innerspring options. For those seeking more give in their mattress, especially side sleepers, we recommend adding the luxury pillow top to this bed, as it does increase its body contouring abilities significantly.
Edge Support:
Inside of the Dunlop latex casing rests a technically impressive mechanism of steel coils and a fully reinforced steel perimeter, all of which contribute to above average edge support on the Green Mattress. Most innerspring beds offer better edge support than memory foam options, and we found that Green Mattress was even better than many of its hybrid-innerspring competitors. If you are looking for a bed that maximizes space by offering strong edge support, this mattress will get the job done.
All innerspring beds will make some noise. Given that there are over 1400 individual steel coils in the Green Mattress, we were surprised that the bed was not louder than it is. That being said, we did experience some squeaking when we moved around on the mattress, and especially when we got in and out of bed. There are definitely much louder innerspring beds out there, but the Green Mattress is not completely silent.
Motion Isolation:
This hybrid-innerspring mattress is right down the middle when it comes to motion isolation. The latex memory foam is very giving, but because of the many coils inside the bed we experienced more motion transfer with this particular model than with pure memory foam beds. The Green Mattress does offer a pillow top option that reduces motion transfer somewhat—this might be a good option for couples who are some combination of tossers, turners and light sleepers.


  • One of the “greenest” mattresses available on the market today
  • Offered with two different firmness options for different needs
  • Technologically-advanced hybrid innerspring construction offers a blend of support and cradling
  • All materials used are organic and free of toxic chemicals
  • Avocado offers a one year risk-free trial and 25-year warranty
  • Free Carbon-Neutral delivery option, and optional home installation and mattress removal


  • Creates more noise than the average innerspring-hybrid
  • There is less motion isolation than the average hybrid-innerspring

How does the Avocado mattress feel?

This hybrid model mattress is actually more on the soft side than we expected. The coils used inside the latex memory foam are dispersed around 5 separate ergonomic zones to provide a very supportive sleeping experience. This helps to alleviate pressure points, align the spine, and relieve lower back pain.

The Avocado is available with or without an additional pillow topper. This adds a bit more cushiness to your night.

  • Standard ( 7 / 10 firmness): Good support without being overly firm. This option is especially great for heavier sleepers of any position.
  • Optional Pillow Top ( 6 / 10 firmness): Adding this extra feature to your Green Mattress will increase its softness and body-conforming properties slightly. For side sleepers, or those seeking increased relief from pressure points, we think this is the best option.

Mattress Construction

  1. Optional European Style Pillow Top
  2. Organic wool and organic cotton mattress cover
  3. Organic Dunlop latex foam
  4. Fully reinforced steel perimeter for maximum edge support
  5. Up to 1,414 individually-tempered steel coils dispersed along five distinct ergonomic zones

Avocado Service and Delivery

In keeping with its focus on providing as eco-conscious of a sleeping experience as possible, Avocado offers its customers free carbon-neutral shipping to their home. For a fee of $199 they also offer in-home set up and removal of your old one.

Furthermore, Avocado stands behind their product with a risk-free one-year trial of their mattress. You can reach their friendly customer support team at any time during the first 365 days of your purchase and arrange for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.

If you decide to keep your mattress for the long-haul, rest assured that Avocado’s 25-year limited warranty will cover you from any imperfections or defects, should they occur. We loved working with this company, and found it especially telling that they include a free children’s book about eco-friendliness with their product!

Is This Mattress for Me?

The Avocado Green Mattress is a great option for anyone who is seriously concerned about the environmental aspect of their next bed. This is definitely one of the most eco-friendly and ethically sourced on the market today. With organic materials, no toxic chemicals, and certifications from numerous green organizations, this bed is perfect for anyone who puts “greenness” at the top of their list of requirements.

This bed is also good for heavier sleepers, we found. The hybrid technology makes it very supportive, while still offering a nice plush feel. Heavier sleepers will get a lot out of this bed, as the latex foam layer combined with the spring-coil system can support a lot of weight.

Generally speaking it is a great choice for any type of sleeper, but with the optional pillow top choice, it is very good for side sleepers or anyone who wants a bit more cradle without giving up supportive spring technology.

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Mattress Specifications

Twin75'' W x 38'' L x 11'' H$899
Twin XL80'' W x 38'' L x 11'' H$999
Full75'' W x 54'' L x 11'' H$1,199
Queen80'' W x 60'' L x 11'' H$1,399
King80'' W x 76'' L x 11'' H$1,799
Cali King84'' W x 72'' L x 11'' H$1,799

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