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Bear Mattress Review

Enhancing sleep so that daily performance can be optimized

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Bear Mattress Overview

Bear Mattress has been in business since 2014, crafting mattresses designed to help people recover from their daily lives; enhancing sleep so that daily performance can be optimized. With over 10,000 five star reviews, Bear Mattress is more than just a mattress company; their family-based team of athletes and creators truly focus on sleep wellness. Many people worldwide trust Bear to aid them in rest and recovery.

Bear offers three different types: the “Original”, which offers a more traditional feel with encased coils, the “Pro” made with copper and gel memory foam, and the “Hybrid” which is made with graphite memory foam. All three boast Celliant® cooling technology and are eco-friendly with Certi-PUR-US® certified foams. With these three options, the customer has the ability to choose a mattress feel that fits their lifestyle and sleep needs.

Bear also sells bed foundations, frames, and their new adjustable bases, as well as many accessories ranging from mattress care to sleep accessories such as sheets, weighted blankets, and cooling pillows. With so many luxurious add-ons, Bear makes it easy to create a bundle for optimal sleep based on each customer’s individual needs and preferences.

Bear Mattress Logo
Bear Mattress
Bear Highlights
  • Helps alleviate back and joint pain
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10 or 20-year warranty

Bear Highlights

  • 100-night trial
  • Celliant® cooling technology
  • 10 or 20-year warranty
  • Contact-free delivery
  • Free shipping to lower 48
  • Removal of old mattress

Mattress Breakdown

When opening up the Bear Mattress packaging, customers will likely sense some off-gassing odor, but don’t expect it to linger. It’s only a mild odor and should dissipate rather quickly.
There is no reason that these should not last as long as any other mattress: an average lifespan of seven to ten years. The firmness of the foams and durability of individually-wrapped coils ensures that you will have many good years.
Here is where Bear stands out. Using Celliant® cooling technology, they are able to convert body heat to infrared light on the top mattress layer. Beneath the surface, the foam layers are infused with cooling properties such as graphite and copper that will keep you cool throughout the night.
The "Original" and the "Pro" are both made completely of foam, but because of their firmness, you will not sink into them as you would with a softer foam product, so this may make them better suited to sexual activity, depending on your preferences. The "Hybrid" has foam and coils so there is more of a traditional feel and bounce. The "Hybrid" is marketed to couples for this reason.
While their mattresses are foam beds, they are on the firm end side. Because of this, your joints and spine will be nicely supported, not necessarily cradled. So if you like the feeling of really sinking into your bed, Bear mattresses might be too firm for you. However, there are many reviews that state that after adjusting to the firmness, customers were virtually healed from joint or back pain!
Edge Support:
Again, due to the firmness of Bear, there will be very little sagging. There are multiple layers of foam (and coils in the "Hybrid") designed to continuously support and stay firm all the way out to the perimeter of the mattress. This makes it very easy to get in and out of.
Foam mattresses are likened to sleeping on a cushion or a cloud. Because of this, when shifting positions you will not hear the familiar squeak that comes with an innerspring. The "Hybrid" does have coils; however, they are individually wrapped which cuts down on both motion transfer and noise, and the bottom and top layers are made of foam which will really cut down on noise.
Motion Isolation:
Because of the many layers of foam supporting you, you will not feel a ton of movement when your partner is getting in or out of bed. Many light sleepers have reported that they no longer wake to their partners moving. Because there is good support with minimal sagging over time, there will be no feeling of rolling towards your partner or moving about when they get into bed.


  • Helps alleviate back and joint pain
  • Options to suit different sleep styles
  • Bundling options with accessories/foundations
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good prices


  • May feel too firm for some
  • Takes time to adjust to the firmness

How does the Bear mattress feel?

While many think of memory foam as giving you a soft, cradling feeling, the Bear mattresses are medium firm; about a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10, so there’s as much of a sinking feeling to them. Bear mattresses also have layers of supporting foam to keep the mattress firm and keep your spine supported, rather than awkwardly curved due to sinking.

All three type have a Celliant cover as their first layer which will keep you cool while sleeping. All other layers are infused with cooling properties that promote airflow as well.

Overall, with a Bear mattress you will sleep coolly and feel supported. Even though many found their mattress too firm at first, after a couple of weeks, these same customers felt that their back pain, joint pain, and soreness was vastly improved by the supportive foam layers of their Bear mattress.

Bear Mattress Construction

  1. Celliant® cover
  2. Graphite infused gel memory foam
  3. Transition foam
  4. High-density support foam
  5. Bear Mattress Construction Layers

Bear Pro Construction

  1. Celliant® cover
  2. Copper-infused foam
  3. Gel memory foam
  4. Transition foam
  5. High-density support foam
  6. Bear Pro Construction Layers

Bear Hybrid Mattress Construction

  1. Celliant® cover
  2. Cooling gel foam
  3. Comfort foam
  4. Transition foam
  5. Pocket coil system with individually wrapped coils
  6. High-density support foam
  7.  Layers

Bear Service and Delivery

They offer free shipping to the lower 48 states; your ordered items should ship within 1-5 business days. When your mattress arrives, Bear is able to remove your old one off your hands. After that, you can start your sleep trial! Customers get a 100-night trial with free returns if desired. And one of the best things about them is that they donate returned mattresses to charity.

They offer 10 or 20-year warranties for mattress, 1-2 years for accessories, and 1 or 10-year for foundations and frames. With all of the warranty options and the lengthy risk-free trial, you can feel comfortable taking the plunge into purchasing Bear products.

Customer service representatives are available by chat, email, or phone, and many have written that they are kind and extremely helpful. You can even see the faces of the people behind the great customer service right on the Bear website.

"Original" Pricing

Twin39'' W x 75'' L x 10'' H$500
Twin XL39'' W x 80'' L x 10'' H$600
Full54'' W x 75'' L x 10'' H$700
Queen60'' W x 80'' L x 10'' H$800
King76'' W x 80'' L x 10'' H$900
Cali King72'' W x 84'' L x 10'' H$900

"Pro" Pricing

Twin39'' W x 75'' L x 12'' H$940
Twin XL39'' W x 80'' L x 12'' H$990
Full54'' W x 75'' L x 12'' H$1,040
Queen60'' W x 80'' L x 12'' H$1,090
King76'' W x 80'' L x 12'' H$1,290
Cali King72'' W x 84'' L x 12'' H$1,290

"Hybrid" Pricing

Twin39'' W x 75'' L x 14'' H$1,090
Twin XL39'' W x 80'' L x 14'' H$1,190
Full54'' W x 75'' L x 14'' H$1,290
Queen60'' W x 80'' L x 14'' H$1,390
King76'' W x 80'' L x 14'' H$1,690
Cali King72'' W x 84'' L x 14'' H$1,690

Is This Mattress for Me?

Bear mattresses are ideal for athletes or people with chronic pain who need supportive mattresses for restorative sleep. Because they come equipped with cooling technology, they are also ideal for people who sleep warm. In our review, we have found that the firmness combined with memory foam is especially good for the back and stomach, but side sleepers will enjoy it as well.

With their three types, as well as bundling being possible with many of their accessories, customers can truly find a combination that fits their needs at very affordable prices. Again, with their risk-free 100-night trial, if someone is unhappy with their choices, they can always return and try something new!

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