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What Is the Best Firm Mattress?

Is a Firm Mattress Right for Me?


Saatva Solaire →

3750 User Reviews
Saatva Solaire Mattress

With 6 comfortable layers of support and 50 firmness options you can change at the touch of a button, you never have to settle on comfort again. They offer a 180-night trial period for all of their products and a 15-year warranty

  • Personalized support
  • Gel-Infused memory foam
  • Moisture barrier
  • Vulcanized air chambers
  • Organic cotton pillow top
  • 5-zone Talalay latex

Molecule 2 Mattress →

1910 User Reviews
Molecule 2 Mattress Mattress

With an antimicrobial cover powered by Microban® and 4 layers of Air-Engineered™, Certi-PUR® certified foam, the MOLECULE 2 AirTEC Mattress with Microban® will help you achieve cleaner, cooler, and deeper sleep to improve your sleep quality, recover faster, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Antimicrobial Cover with Microban®
  • 1" BioCHARGE™ Crystal Layer
  • 2" AirTEC™ Foam Layer
  • 3" RecoveryFLO™ Layer
  • 6" ContourFLO™ Layer
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam

Loom and Leaf →

3750 User Reviews
Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom & Leaf mattress is a good choice for anyone who loves the comfort of a memory foam mattress. The Loom & Leaf's thick comfort layers conform to your body so that pressure points that can be caused by other beds are relieved. Side sleepers of all sizes and weights will love Loom & Leaf because it hugs your body without being too tight. The Loom & Leaf has two firmness options. It is perfect for stomach and back sleepers of any size. The Relaxed Firm is more appealing to people who are lighter.

  • 15-year warranty
  • Ultra-premium 5-lb memory foam to help relieve pressure
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • 180-day home trial. Full refund available
  • Free white glove delivery & mattress removal

Layla →

594 User Reviews
Layla Mattress

Currently, Layla offers two options; a flippable, copper-infused memory foam and a hybrid innerspring called the Layla Hybrid.

  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • All Made in USA
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Cooling gel allows for breathability during the night
  • Flippable firmness™ to provide two firmness options


When you picture falling into an extraordinarily comfortable bed at night, do you imagine that you sink in or bounce back a bit? If your idea of pure comfort is a more firm mattress, you are not alone! Many people, especially heavier sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress for spinal support; with a mattress too soft they may sink in too deeply and not get the support needed for their backs. Mattress firmness is judged on a ten-point scale, with 10 being the most firm, so there is a wide range of firm mattresses. How do you know which firm mattress is right for you? If you long to find the firm mattress of your dreams, read on for tips about the best firm mattresses available.

Why Choose a Firm Mattress?

As mentioned above, there are certain individuals who can greatly benefit from having a firm mattress, and some consumers might just have a preference for a firmer mattress, especially since firm mattresses tend to keep you cooler while sleeping. One of the markers of a great mattress is keeping the sleeper’s spine in perfect alignment. When your back stays in an unnatural curve throughout the night, you may wake up during the night and will probably spend your day with uncomfortable back and joint pain. If you are a heavier sleeper (over 230 pounds) and sleeping on a soft mattress, it is likely that your midsection, where adults tend to carry the majority of their weight, will dip down into the mattress, causing unnecessary back pain. In this case, a heavier sleeper will likely need a firm mattress, a 7 or higher on the firmness scale.

The same back pain conundrum is true for a stomach or back sleeper on a soft mattress: your hips may dip down into the mattress and cause a curve in the lower spine, leading to low back pain. If you are an average weight (130-230 pounds) sleeper, a medium-firm mattress may do just fine, and if you are a lighter (less than 130 pounds) stomach sleeper, a nice medium mattress could give you adequate spinal support.

The reason to choose a firm mattress seems to boil down to spinal alignment; finding what you need to achieve good spinal alignment is imperative for a comfortable night sleep and minimized back pain in your waking hours. If you experience pain in your back, hips, or shoulders when you wake up, it’s probably a sign that you need a mattress.

Types of Firm Mattresses

Mattress firmness is largely affected by the products used in the topmost comfort layer; some comfort layers can be thicker and more plush, leading to an overall softer mattress, and the opposite is also true of a firmer mattress. Mattresses are judged on a ten-point scale of firmness, with 10 being the most firm; most mattresses sold today fall between a soft 3 and a firm 8. Firm mattresses are rated as 7 or higher, so if you need a firm mattress, that is the number to find. With so many different mattress materials on the market, which type of mattress could be your dream firm mattress?

  • Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are called innerspring because that is what their support core is made of: good, old-fashioned coils. However, the top comfort layer is made of foam and this is where the firmness level can vary. If you are looking for an innerspring mattress and need something more firm, make sure that the top layer has very little conformity so you do not “sink” into the mattress. Innerspring mattresses have many benefits: they are budget-friendly, sleep cool, and are widely available, but there are also drawbacks, like less than stellar motion isolation. However, if you want the affordability and convenience of an innerspring mattress, you can certainly find one with a less plush comfort layer to fit your firmness needs.
  • Foam: Foam mattresses are made purely of foam; usually with polyfoam in the support core and/or memory foam on top for the comfort layer. Foam mattresses are typically softer as they conform to a sleeper’s body to help relieve pressure. However, if you want the conforming, cradling feeling of a foam bed, but need a firmer sleep surface, be on the lookout for a foam bed with higher density foams in both the support and comfort layers. These higher density foams will make for a firmer feeling mattress, thus giving you the spinal support you need while still conforming to your body for pressure relief.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam; the core layer of a hybrid mattress is pocketed coils surrounded by high density polyfoam, while the top comfort layers are made of latex and/or memory foam. Due to the comfort layers being constructed of foam, hybrid mattresses can vary greatly in firmness levels. If you need a firmer mattress and want a hybrid bed, ensure that the comfort layers are thin and/or made of a higher density foam; this will result in a comfortably firm mattress.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses can be produced with either organic latex or a mixture of synthetic latex foams. Latex mattresses are made of either Dunlop or Talalay latex; these names refer to the different processes used to derive the latex from the rubber trees. While latex naturally has a denser feel, Talalay latex mattresses tend to have a bit more give and bounce to them whereas Dunlop is more dense, and therefore the more firm option.

Shopping Considerations

When you are searching for the perfect firm mattress, consider looking deeper into each mattress company’s policies such as warranties and sleep trials. If you are newly adjusting to a firm mattress, you may want to consider purchasing a mattress from a company that has a sleep trial; ending up uncomfortable in a bed that is too firm is not ideal, but if there is a sleep trial you can test out the firmness level before fully committing. The same is true for a company’s return policy; delve deeper into what the company you are purchasing from considers an acceptable reason to return. Because, again, ending up in a mattress that is too firm or not firm enough is not good for your sleep or your back. In the same vein, check what the warranty covers so you can be informed about when you could possibly get a replacement mattress. Investing in a mattress can feel a little nerve-racking, and ensuring that you are covered should you change your mind can help ease some of those worries.

In Conclusion

Whether you need a firm mattress due to your sleeping positions or because you are a heavier sleeper, remember that a firm mattress will be wonderful for your back. A back that is in a straight line throughout the night will be a pain-free back during the day. Getting your perfect firm mattress may be just what you need to sleep comfortably and live free of back pain.