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What Is the Best Mattress for Sex?

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People sleep on mattresses, of course, but people also do other things on mattresses. (They read!) Seriously though, sex is a vital part of a happy life. So what about a mattress makes it good or bad for sex?

It’s all about preference

When thinking about mattresses and how they’ll be for sex, personal preference is what it’s all about. The jiggly waterbeds of the 70s seem laughable now that so many high tech materials are available to keep both sleepers and lovers comfortable and supported. You may like the hugging feel of a foam mattress while you hug your partner. Or you might like to bounce around on an innerspring. Another important consideration is the noise factor. The more support you have, the lower the volume when you are bouncing around. Foam and gel also absorb motion, so once again it all boils down to what you and your partner like. You may not be able to go to a mattress store to test a mattress out for how it works during sex, but you can certainly get a feel for how a mattress responds to motion and changes in position. Or you can pick a mattress from a company that offers free in-home trials. Keeping in mind that sex is a very personal matter, we believe the following mattresses all have special features that make them excellent choices: